With more than 7 years of experience in the field of health care and medical tourism in Turkey, we present to you the Turkish Hospitals Directory website.

The goal of establishing this site is to facilitate communication between foreign doctors and patients from all countries of the world so that the treatment experience in Turkey is beneficial and at the lowest possible cost, while providing full protection to the patient from the risks of fraud and fraud in this field. We also help him maintain communication with the attending physician until After returning to his country safely, God willing.

This site is managed by a distinguished team of experts in the field of medicine and technology in order to help you find the best doctor to treat your condition at the best possible cost.


Medical tourism consultant, Dr. Othman Mahmoud: Founder and site manager

Veterinarian and Iraqi-Turkish businessman. He has been working in the field of medical tourism since 2014 and has great experience and extensive relations with major hospitals in Istanbul, as well as strong relations with a large number of doctors in high and micro specialties. In addition to that, Dr. Othman has great experience in managing patients and following up their cases to ensure the safety of medical procedures for each patient.

Dr. Othman often responds directly to your inquiries via WhatsApp, and is keen to follow up on cases personally and directly to ensure the highest quality of the service provided.

Othman Al-Rawi


Website developer, Mr. Mahdi Muhammad: The main developer and responsible for the technical department on the site.

With more than 18 years of experience in the field of designing and developing websites, Mr. Mahdi contributes through Planet for Programming and Design to the continuous development of the website to ensure that the website keeps pace with modern technologies and facilitates communication between the patient and the hospital or doctor.

Mahdi Muhammad


Scientific Advisory Committee for the Turkish Hospitals Directory website

This committee includes a group of distinguished doctors in various medical specialties. This committee lays the scientific foundations for the contents of the site and provides medical advice to patients. The number of doctors in the committee is 14, including the following names: