Bone deformity:

It is an abnormal and deforming formation of the bone that leads to congenital deformities, motor and physical disability, and the accompanying psychological and social disorders for the injured person.

Mobility disability represents about 14.5% of the total types of disabilities in general, which range from 5% to 15% in different countries.

Among the important deformities that fall within the scope of orthopedics are:

  • Posterior dislocation of the hip joint.
  • scoliosis
  • anointed foot.
  • Deformities resulting from polio.
  • birth injuries.
  • Deformities resulting from acute or chronic infections of the bones and joints, such as joint tuberculosis and others.
  • As well as cases resulting from poor treatment of some bone and joint injuries such as dislocations and fractures, It is used to correct these distortions. or to treat it.