Turkey is the best country in the region in the field of herniated disc treatment. Our hospitals have all kinds of equipment and modern technologies for the purpose of diagnosing and treating a herniated disc.

Usually, treatment begins after confirming the diagnosis, as the doctor’s goal of treatment is to get rid of the pain and symptoms associated with a herniated disc.

The treatment decision is given depending on the condition and its severity or the extent of its development:

  • Medication treatment: In simple cases, the doctor begins by giving pain-relieving treatments such as pendulum or ibuprofen. Also, in severe cases, the doctor may resort to giving cortisone, muscle relaxants, or therapeutic opium derivatives. It is noted here that these drugs do not solve the problem, but only reduce or hide the symptoms.
  • Physiotherapy: In the more advanced stage, the doctor decides to refer the patient to physical therapy, which includes a set of exercises and devices that help relieve or hide pain. Also, this procedure does not directly treat the main cause of herniated disc, but only its symptoms. (Here it should be noted to beware of a group of weak souls who take advantage of people’s suffering to promote magic devices or treatments without any medical or surgical intervention, which is in fact a theft of patients’ money with little result)
  • Surgical treatment: In the event that the previous steps do not succeed, or if the condition is already advanced and causes great pain to the patient and impedes his daily life, then the doctor resorts to solving the herniated disc problem once and for all by performing an operation.

Surgical techniques differ according to their purpose. In cases where the herniated disc presses on the nerves, but does not cause instability in the vertebrae, the doctor then resorts to lifting the slipped piece that is pressing on the nerve by means of the microdiscectomy technique. In this technique, a tube with a very small diameter that does not exceed 10 mm is inserted ( smaller than 1 cm) to the slipped area, and by means of special tools, the herniated (slipped) part of the herniated disc is lifted, and the patient can leave the hospital the next morning.

Cartilage suction

If the slip has caused instability in the vertebrae, the doctor resorts to lifting the herniated disc and fixing the vertebrae to ensure stability of the spine and prevent future overlapping slips in addition to maintaining the normal height between the vertebrae.

vertebrae fixation

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