Obesity surgery in Turkey:

Our clinic offers many medical and surgical weight loss options for those who are looking to significantly reduce their weight and remove excess fat. You may have done many practices as an attempt to control excess weight by following diets, or through regular exercise, But .. For many this is not enough.

The following are the available options for weight loss surgeries that are performed using the laparoscopic technique and are considered among the surgeries currently approved in the world for the treatment of severe obesity:

1- Installing an adjustable gastric banding

2- Longitudinal stomach reduction or gastric sleeve

3- Gastric bypass surgery

4- Gastric plication ( laparoscopic-gastric- plication )

The goal of bariatric surgery
Weight loss to a safe and stable extent, to reduce the risk of obesity and its threat to the patient’s life.

The dangers of obesity:

1- Its effect on the musculoskeletal system and joints is one of the most common damages, which is accompanied by multiple pains that do not end except with weight loss.

2- The risks of obesity on the heart, arteries, and blood pressure, as well as the incidence of diabetes as a result of excess weight, are among the most important risks that threaten the lives of patients.

3- The sudden death rate increases to approximately 20% for obese patients, and a good number of artists are known to have lost early as a result of obesity.

4- It affects the fertility of women, which decreases greatly as a result of this disease, and the chances of having children improve immediately after losing weight.

5- Obesity is associated with higher rates of uterine and ovarian cancer.

6- There is no system in the body that is not affected by this disease, including the respiratory system as well.


What does the hospital offer to patients?

  • A fully trained and specialized medical team in obesity treatment and surgical services
  • One of the few centers experienced in all bariatric surgical procedures gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy, stomach fold, Gastric bypass.
  • Evaluation and psychological support
  • Preoperative education
  • Nutritional advice and follow-up
  • Guidance programs for exercise and fitness
  • Tools and guidelines for healthy behaviour
  • Continue to educate patients
  • Long-term follow-up programme

attention please:

Weight reduction surgery is not suitable for all individuals. Sometimes, Medical weight loss programs are sufficient without any surgical intervention. To know if your condition requires surgical intervention or not, you can suffice with a medical program to reduce weight.
If your condition requires surgical intervention to reduce weight, You don’t know which surgery is right for you. Just contact our hospital. Our doctors will help you make a decision.