Treatment methods used in orthopedic surgery:

The types of operations that an orthopedic specialist usually performs are as follows:

  • man endoscopy, In this procedure, a camera is used to help the surgeon diagnose and treat the condition, and this method has the advantage of shortening the recovery period compared to the open operation.
  • Bone fusion with additive grafts and bone grafting with metal rods.
  • Replacing damaged joints, and it is possible to replace the knee or hip, especially in the elderly.
  • Internal fixation is a surgical procedure to return the broken bones to the correct position using metal pins or screws.
  • cut the bone, The aim is to correct a deformity in the bone by cutting and correcting the location of the bone.
  • soft tissue repair, This is done by treating ligaments and tendons.
  • computer aided processing, This helps increase success rates and reduce recovery time.

Conditions that orthopedic surgery treats:

Orthopedic surgery includes several conditions that you treat, Such as :

  • accident surgery, Which includes treating patients in cases of sudden accidents and so the surgeon must work quickly.
  • spine surgery, Which includes focusing on spinal injuries and deformities, which affect the whole body.
  • sports medicine, Which includes the treatment of injuries resulting from sports.
  • pediatric orthopedics, Which includes focusing on pediatric orthopedics by caring for the entire musculoskeletal system in children.

Since children’s bodies are smaller, pediatric orthopedic surgeons must have great attention to detail and skills.

  • hand and foot surgery, Which includes focusing on the details of the hand and foot, such as tendons, bones and minute muscles. This is by treating conditions such as arthritis.
  • joint surgery, Which sometimes participates in sports medicine, and at other times it includes treating injuries resulting from the deterioration of the knee joints, with a focus on ligaments and tendons, and in some cases of elderly people, joint replacement surgery is performed.