It is the use of the ability of radiation to ionize cancer cells to kill them or reduce their numbers. It is applied to the patient’s body from the outside and is called external beam therapy, or it is applied inside the patient’s body by branching therapy. The effect of radiation therapy is local and limited to the area to be treated. Radiation therapy harms and destroys the genetic material in cells. Which affects the division of those cells. Although this treatment affects both cancerous and healthy cells, But most healthy cells can recover from the radiation effect.

Radiation therapy aims to destroy most of the cancer cells while minimizing the effect on healthy cells.

Therefore, radiation therapy is divided into several doses. To give healthy cells time to recover between radiation doses.
Radiotherapy is used for all types of solid cancers. It can also be used in the case of leukemia or leukemia. The dose of radiation is determined according to the location of the cancer, the sensitivity of the cancer to radiation, and if there is a healthy part adjacent to the cancer that can be affected by radiation. Its effect on nearby tissues is the most important side effect of this type of treatment…