This technique means that it is a minimally invasive surgery. Where the surgeon makes an incision of about 8 mm (less than 1 cm) and through this incision he inserts the tools down to the herniated (slipped) cartilage and removes it with a laser, which leads to liberating the nerve and completely removing the cause of back pain .

Cartilage suction

of the benefits of this technology

  • High success rate of more than 95%.
  • Very low infection rate, less than traditional disc surgeries (0 – 1%).
  • in most cases, Patients get rid of pain soon after surgery.
  • Since there is almost no tissue damage, intervention is less complicated, The risk of complications is also very low.
  • The parts that maintain the stability of the spine (ligaments and muscles) remain unharmed.
  • The cost of the operation is lower than surgeries for the same purpose.

Two hours after the intervention, The patient can walk without pain. The short stay in the hospital enables him to return home a day after the intervention and after a few days the patient can carry out the usual daily activities normally.

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