Question: Is there a difference between dental implants and their installation?

Answer: Of course, when you hear the term dental implants, something like dental implants will come to your mind directly, and you will search for the difference between the two things. Simply put, these differences can be summed up as follows:

As for the cost: there are certainly very large differences between the prices of installation and the prices of cultivation. As the prices of implants are much higher because we are talking about replacing one tooth with another, may be very close to normal, Except for the possibility of growth and interaction as a natural tooth.
With regard to the method: the installation of the tooth is a somewhat simple matter based on bringing a tooth and placing it in the place of the broken, damaged or decayed tooth. On the contrary, we find that cultivation takes larger stages, starting from priming in the gums and roots. in a more precise sense, Dental implants are a much deeper process and how they are more complicated than the easy installation. Which reflects the score.
With regard to the results: Dental implants produce teeth that can be considered within the entity of natural teeth directly and last for a period of not less than twenty years and may reach the end of life, It is not accompanied by any pain or problems during its implementation. As for the installation, it certainly does not take the same age or validity as implantation, and it is also a temporary solution.
For people in need: it is usually resorted to implantation by people for whom the installation is no longer a suitable solution or those who want something permanent and a final solution, As for the installation, it may be a quick solution and at the same time a paramedic. So the quality of people looks different even though there is one link, It is a dental problem.

Question: Is dental implants a safe process?

Answer: Mainly, those undergoing dental implants are asked about the safety of the operation. We insert an artificial object into the mouth that we are supposed to use continuously, There is no reason to worry because simply a material called titanium is used in agriculture. With experience, it has been proven with certainty that this substance does not cause any problems in the lips and gums. Generally don’t cause any problems. You never need to be afraid of it.

Question: How long do the results of dental implants last?

Answer: One of the common and very important questions is the question related to how long these teeth can last, in a more precise sense, the term of its powers, In this case, there is no need to worry, because we are talking clearly about a validity period that starts from twenty years and continues indefinitely. Of course, we do not need to emphasize that whenever the center is distinguished and interested in customers and the materials used in agriculture, things will be easier and more in terms of trust and safety. However, the mentioned period is approximate.

Question: What is the difference between immediate and traditional dental implants?

Answer: In traditional implants, there can be a lift in the bone and movement of the nasal sinuses. At the same time, we find that immediate cultivation does not need that. Also, one of the important differences is that immediate cultivation begins to save large amounts of money for the person who is exposed to it, unlike those who undergo traditional cultivation, which requires more money in order to travel more than once to complete the cultivation steps. While instant cultivation only needed to travel once, In general, immediate cultivation has better results.

Question: What are the most prominent advantages of immediate dental implants?

Answer: The dental implant process in Turkey has many advantages, most notably a safer rate, a permanent result, very low costs, in addition to providing one-time travel instead of two or three.