Solid cancers can be cured by removing them through surgery. When the cancer has spread and metastasized to other places in the body before surgery, there are no chances of removing the cancer.

solid cancer, They grow in place and then spread to the lymph nodes and then to all parts of the body. This led to the search for local treatments for solid cancers before they spread, including surgical treatment…
Surgeries such as mastectomy or prostatectomy in which the cancerous part or the entire organ may be removed.

One microscopic cancer cell is enough to produce a new cancer. It is called a relapse. Therefore, when performing the surgery, the surgeon sends a sample from the edge of the removed part to the surgical pathologist to make sure that it is free of any infected cells. To reduce the chances of a patient relapsing…
Surgery is also important to remove the cancer. They are most important for determining the stage of the cancer and for detecting if the lymph nodes have been invaded by cancer cells.

This information has a significant impact on the selection of appropriate treatment and predict the therapeutic outcome.
Sometimes surgery is required to control and relieve symptoms of cancer. Such as pressure on the spinal cord or bowel obstruction, and it is called analgesic treatment.